A big, fat confusion

We all need fat in our diet, but knowing which types can be confusing. The Fat Information Service is brought to you by Unilever UK Limited and is supported by a group of expert dietitians and nutritionists to give you the low down on the role of fats and oils in your daily diet. It aims to offer clear information to help you identify good fats from bad fats and to support you in making informed dietary choices needed for good health. 

So, how can the Fat Information Service help you?


Access reliable information about the role and benefits of dietary fats and oils, including how to differentiate good fats from bad fats


Understand the facts from fiction when it comes to dietary fats and oils


Get up-to-date commentary on the latest research findings and government recommendations


Benefit from practical advice and tips, enabling you to feel confident that you're making the right dietary choices for you and your family